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Payment Options

Currently all subscription payments are handled through Paypal.

When you choose Make a payment on your account on the client profile page the window changes to one that displays the expiry date for your license, the new renewal date and some representative renewal amounts in other currencies in case you're an international client.

Renewal information window

When you click the Renew button the window changes again to display the buttons that allow you to select between recurring and non-recurring payments.

Recurring Payment

This form of payment is billed to your account automatically each month. You must set up a Paypal account if you do not already have one to use this method of payment. The advantages to you are 1) the recurring payment method is $2 per month cheaper than the non-recurring method and 2) you don't have to worry about manually renewing your subscription.

Non-recurring Payment

In this form of payment you do not need a Paypal account. Your credit card is charged once and only once for one month's service. Your subscription expiry date is moved forward from whatever date it is currently by one month for each payment made, so you can pre-pay for several months by this method if you wish. The non-recurring method is most suitable for seasonal operations.

Paypal buttons window

When you click either of the Paypal buttons you'll be taken to the Paypal payments portal, a sample of which appears below:

Paypal login window

Follow the instructions on screen to complete the payment. Payment notifications come from Paypal.com to our server and trigger a process that generates a transaction which in turn generates an invoice in .pdf format that is emailed to the management email address that was set when you first set up your client profile. A sample invoice appears below.

picture of invoice

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